Get Paid To Write Poetry

If you are good at manipulating words to emote feelings of joy, sadness, thoughtfulness, you can get paid to write poetry. In fact, if you have been writing poetry a long time or you’ve got notebooks with poems, you should consider using them to make extra money. There are websites that are looking to pay for poetry.

Get paid to write Poetry

This article will help you understand the genuine websites where you can write poems for money once you’ve registered.

Before you get started, it is important to understand that most of these companies require you to be a skilled poet to be paid.

Therefore, to make good money, you have to spend a lot of time writing poems so that you can perfect the skill and get most of your submissions accepted.

Poetry magazines or poem websites that will pay include

Get Paid To Write Poetry

The Three Penny Review

This is a prominent literary magazine that accepts poems that are unpublished and they are 100 lines or less. The poems can either be double spaced or single spaced depending on your writing style.

The minimum payout of the site is $200.

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The standard pay in AGNI is $20 per page although they pay more for poems that are based on donations and grants. You can only submit five poems in every submission.

Arc Poetry Magazine

You can submit a maximum of three poems to Arc Poetry Magazine on any subject and in any form. However, they should be original because the magazine does not accept poems that have been published somewhere else.

For any poem they publish in their magazine, their pay rate is $50 per page.

Sub Tropics

This is a literary journal that’s published by the University of Florida. Poems that have been published previously will not be considered and their payout is $100 for each poem accepted for publication.

You can only submit a maximum of four poems through their online submission service.

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This magazine mainly focuses on subjects that are appealing to young girls aged 6-13 years. Some of the topics you can write about include pets, games, hobbies, science, careers, simple cooking, nature and other topics that are appealing to young girls.

Since they accept submission to publish on their Hopscotch magazine which targets young girls, they do not accept poetic works relating to fashion, romance or dating. You will be paid a minimum of $10 per poem.

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The Southern Review

Although you are limited to submitting five poems or fifteen pages, you will be paid $25 per page with a maximum payout of $200 if they publish your work. The poems accepted are published in their national literary magazine. Hence, they should be original content.

The Boulevard

Boulevard is a literary magazine where you can submit up to five poems in a single submission. Each of the poems should not be published anywhere else and it should have a maximum of 200 lines.

Boulevard pays a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $250 for each poetry submission that’s accepted.


Rattle have both the print and online version of their publication. One of their main objectives is to promote the practice of poetry and they achieve this by encouraging submission of unique, musical, insightful and poems that stand out. If your poem is published on their online publication, you will be paid $50 but you will get $100 if your poem makes it to the printed publication.


“If you love to write poems you could get paid to write”

US Kids Magazine

This company publishes two kids’ magazines i.e. Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty. Currently, the publisher accepts poems for Humpty Dumpty magazine which targets kids aged between two and six years of age.

Each of the poem should be between 4 and 12 lines for kids to understand and follow. For every submission that’s accepted, you will be paid $25 and above.

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The magazine accepts and publishes poems and other literary work. You will get paid $15 for each poem that’s accepted. The secret to making good money at Ruminate is writing numerous quality poems so that they can get accepted.

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Black Warrior Review

This is a publication of the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Alabama. For all the works published in their magazine, you get a ‘nominal lump-sum fee’ and a one year subscription to their magazine.

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Chicken Soup For The Soul

These publishers are looking for poems that contain fun, exciting and heartwarming stories that are written in form of a story. The stories can be incidents that happened to you or your friend but written in the first person. You will get paid $200 for all the poems accepted.

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Orion Magazine

The magazine mainly focuses on culture and nature. In fact, it is dubbed as the ‘America’s finest American Magazine. You can only submit one to three poems with a maximum of 40 lines each.

If your submission is accepted, you will get paid $100.

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This digital literary magazine and print is published by the staff at Emerson College. They accept poems that are between one and five pages with a minimum payout of $45 for each of the poem accepted.

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New Myths

This magazine is published quarterly after being edited by numerous writers, artists and poets. The website requires poets to submit poems that either have a fantasy element or a science fiction.

In every submission, you can submit up to five poems of any length. Upon consideration, you will be paid 1.5 cents per word with a minimum payout of $30 for every poem published.

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Iron Horse Review

This is a literary journal that was founded in 1999 by students and faculty of Texas Tech University. They publish six issues every year with their consideration for poetic submission varying with intervals.

You can check their submit page to learn more about submission. You can only submit three to five poems at one given time and the pay for each poem once published is $50.

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This is a magazine that’s published by the Creative Writing Program in Cornell University. You can submit any type of poem you have but you are limited to five submissions only. For each of the accepted poem, you will be paid a minimum of $50.


Willow Springs

This literary magazine publishes two issues every year i.e. one in the spring and the other during the fall. You can submit up to six poems at one time and you will be paid $20 for each of the poem when published.

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Alaska Quarterly Review

The literary magazine accepts poems both in experimental and traditional styles. The poems can be 20 pages long and the pay is between $10 and $50.

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The Capilano Review

The Capilano Review also accepts unpublished work for their literary magazine. As a poet, you can only submit a maximum of five pages. You will be paid $50 per published page with the maximum payout being $150.

Getting paid writing poetry.

The Sun Magazine

This is an ad-free magazine that accepts a range of creative writings beside poetry. You can submit interviews, essays and fiction writing depending on what you are good at.

The Sun Magazine does not have a word count limit in each submission and the pay is between $100 and $200 for each of the published poetic work.

The Iowa Review

The Iowa Review is run by the literature and writing staff at the University of Iowa. The journal publishes thrice every year and they consider all types of poetry. All poetic works accepted will be paid $1.50 per line with a maximum payout of $40.

Grain Magazine

This is a literary journal that’s publishes four times in a year. Before you submit or write your poems, you are advised to read their guidelines, their magazines or their issues to help you understand what they are looking for.

You can submit a poem with a maximum of six pages. Once the poem is published, you will be paid $50 per page with a maximum payout of $250.

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Goblin Fruit

Although they do not pay too much, you can earn good money if most of your poems are accepted. Once your poem is accepted by the publisher, you will be paid $10.

Goblin Fruit mainly focuses on fantasy oriented poems. Therefore, if this is your niche, you should consider registering at Goblin Fruit.


The guidelines states that you should submit a minimum of 2500 words in fiction, non-fiction and poetic of any genre. However, if you are submitting poetic work, you are required to submit 3 to 5 poems that are previously unpublished.

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Leading Edge Magazine

This is a literary publication of Brigham Young University. They prefer poems that involve science fiction and other fantasy related themes. However, since this is a religious institution, they do not like the use of questionable behaviors or excessive violence within the poems submitted. For each submission that’s published, the pay is between $5 and $20.

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The Nashville Review

The Nashville Review accepts all types of poetry submissions for their magazine publication. They encourage poets to write wild, traditional and unique poems because they get a good reception. They pay $25 for each poem published.

The Colorado Review

This literary publication began in 1956 and it considers all types of poetic works although you have to limit your submissions to five poems. You will get paid $10 per page published with a minimum payout of $30.

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VQR accepts poetic works of all types and lengths provided it is not published anywhere else. Their payout is high with $200 per poem accepted up to 4 poems.

If you submit 5 poems and they are all accepted for print magazine, you will earn $1,000.


Poetry Foundation

This is the publisher of Poetry Magazine which accepts poems that haven’t been published for publication on their magazine. You can only submit a maximum of four poems each time and the pay rate is $10 per line with a minimum payout of $300.

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Slice Magazine

This is a non-profit magazine based in Brooklyn NY and was founded in 2007. The magazine accepts non-published poetic work and pays $75 for published works.

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Dreams and Nightmares

If you write fantasy poems, this is a good place to start. Dreams and Nightmares consider submissions to print on their magazine which they release periodically.

Here, you will be paid $12 for each poem with an additional benefit of getting a free copy of their magazine where your poem is featured.

Blue Mountain Arts

Located in Colorado, Blue Mountain Arts have been holding poetry contests for more than thirty years. You can submit any type of a poem because originality and uniqueness are the main factors considered.

While applying, they advise that they accept rhyming poems but non-rhyming poems are considered too. You can submit as many poems as you would like and they have a high pay of $350 for first place, $200 for second place and $100 for the third place winner.

What Else You need to know when Submitting your work

With all the websites and companies where you can engage in poetry for money, you should start by reading the guidelines of each site or company before submitting.

This is important because it will help you understand what you should write about. Remember, most companies are looking for poems that have not been published anywhere else even in a personal blog.

Therefore, make sure that the poetic work you are submitting is unique and has not been previously published. Finally, you need to know the methods you can use to submit your work.

You can use the e-mail, normal mail or via an online third party that acts as a bridge between the company and the individual.

You will have to research more about each company before you start writing to know what you should write about, their pay rate, their guidelines and rules and their submission method.

Finally, if you are doing simultaneous submissions, you should notify the websites in your cover letter to help them determine whether they will consider your work too.

However, many website allow you to submit your work to other publications provided you’ve notified them in advance. It is also important to understand that not all companies allow simultaneous submissions.

Therefore, you should read the guidelines of each company because they usually inform you if their guidelines if they discourage it.

I hope this article helps you helps you make that extra money you have been searching for.

Let me know how you get on.

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