How Do Online Surveys Work?

Most people work but still do not make enough money to sustain their needs hence the need for them to look for money from side hustles to bridge the gap. You can find so many opportunities on the internet for people to make extra cash, surveys being one of them. You can make money online by participating in surveys. Many household name companies have turned to the internet for their marketing and research needs. Billions of people use the internet daily hence it is the perfect place to find respondents to complete various surveys

Making money from the comfort of home


What is a survey company?

Online surveys companies have become a cog in the wheel for companies gathering information for on what people like you and me perceive about various products or services. With billions spent on what consumer perceptions are on opinions, products and services like travel, websites, electronics, Tv shows, utility services etc companies in all industries conduct surveys to find ways to target their ideal customer.  If you use google or amazon for example if you looked at some trainers, you will find that ads will follow all over the web until you give in and buy some. Same goes for tv ads how many times do you need to see these cereal ads before you got to the shop and buy it.

This information would be great to a company that knew it only had to show most of its audience an ad 3 times before they bought their product instead of 10-15 times.

Online survey companies can get this information from mass audiences at a fraction of the price.

“The internet allows us to make money in so many diffent ways”

How online survey sites work?

Online survey sites offer anyone connected to the internet via mobile, pc or tablet a way to make money from doing activities online like watching videos, product testing, playing games, signing up for trials, reading emails, surfing the web, referring your friends or filling out surveys etc. Look at that list anyone of us needs no experience, just sign up, and in what ever time you can commit you can make money. These companies are willing to give you vouchers like Amazon cards, Walmart cards, special offers, products, promotions and cash as payment. All you have to do is exchange your time and information they need you to input for these rewards.

These sites offer a win-win situation for both the company and the consumers since the consumers make money and the company gets valuable feedback for their products that are on the market.

Surveys can be so simple to complete

Types of surveys?

  • Profile surveys – The moment you join a survey site, you are required to fill up a profile that establishes you into a certain group so that anytime there are questions to be answered that correspond with your profile, you are requested to participate in answering them. This is called a profile survey. You may be required to answer questions about the activities you partake in, your preferred products and services and your job group.
  • Ordinary surveys – This involves answering questions that are related to your profile so that the survey site can establish the criteria in which they will be sending you surveys.
  • Daily polls – These are simple questions that are asked and only require short answers to follow up on ordinary surveys. MySurvey offers 5 sweepstake entries for members who participate in daily polls.
  • Mobile phone surveys – The survey site calls the respondents for a question and answer conversation that usually takes a little amount of time and pays less. Few survey sites offer this type of survey, but it is getting popular.
  • Webcam surveys – This requires you to have an active webcam and you should indicate in your profile that you can take part in it. The survey site gauges your reaction as you watch an advertisement of a certain product and it pays more than ordinary surveys.
  • Product testing surveys – This involves being given products to try out and give the survey feedback on how you find the products. The products may be of cosmetics, health or technology. These surveys may be of high priced products and they do not occur easily.

 Free Paid Surveys

Many online survey sites require you to sign up and obtain membership before allowing you to participate in their surveys etc. For most sites this process is free but for others you are required to pay a membership fee before joining them as a member. This could be totally risky because some sites are not legitimate and may not follow up on their promises. The best option is to join sites with free membership so that you do not incur any losses.

 Paid Surveys

The sites that require you to pay membership fees operate on the promise that you will be able to make way more than free users make. They tell you that you could make double or triple of what free users make. You should be careful and do extensive research before paying membership money for any site.


Don’t Pay to Take Surveys

The promises of earning extra cash and additional benefits attract so many online users to pay money to join survey sites but these sites do not often give what they promise. In addition to paying money, you may be required to undergo several surveys before you breakeven on your membership cost. There are some honorable survey sites that will not charge you anything, but you still get the chance to make money.

 How much time do you have to devote?

It all depends on what you do on these sites and how many you sign up to.

The more sites you are a member of the more opportunities you have to being sent more surveys. You will find that some sites send surveys daily some a few times a month. Each survey will have a time they believe it takes to complete a survey. These will be quite generous, and you will finish well ahead of that.

Remember you can also do other activities to make money like watch ads or videos, play games, read emails, surf the web. All these take time but can be broke up around your day or week.

How long you devote is up to you and how much time you have to spare.

How do I get paid?

Each site will have different options on how they pay you for the actions you complete on their sites.

Some will pay via the below options.

PayPal – This is usually the quickest safest way to be paid. Check with your site to see if it will be instantaneous payment or a few days.

Cheque – Even though many people have debit cards or PayPal. A cheque is the longest form of payment as this has to be processed, then set out and then you have to deposit it into your bank and then wait for it clear.

Bank Transfer – More common in Europe as opposed to the United States money will be wired directly to your bank account.

Bitcoin – An indirect way to be paid by some survey sites offering Tango Cards as a reward card. All you then have to do to get you bitcoins is redeem your Tango cards via a snap card.

Gift / Voucher Cards – We do so much shopping online so the fact that so many of these sites give you e-gift card is amazing. You have so many options from all your favorite companies Amazon, Best Buy, Dominos, Target, Walmart the list goes on.

How much can you earn?

These sites aren’t going to make you rich, but they will give you some extra money that you can use over the course of the year it adds up.

You should be make $80 to $150 easily using survey sites as a side hustle.

That’s an easy $800 – $1500 over a year

Just think that could be:-

  • New outfits
  • A holiday vacation
  • A laptop
  • A TV
  • Birthday and Christmas presents for the next year.
  • A down payment on a car

What will you use that money for?

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